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Travel Tips and Hotels

April 24, 2010

Hi to everyone,

I am Nathalie Dimal From Philippines that has passion in blogging and want to have a good blog for you to read so, Travel Tips and Hotels blog is made. Hope you’ll always visit this blog to find latest updates and take your time to read my blog.

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

Happy Reading:)


Choosing The Best Travel Accommodation

April 29, 2010

Choosing The Best Travel AccommodationThere are many things to consider when choosing your travel accommodations. The decision could make your trip fun or a disappointment. Choosing the right hotel is a must. Most travelers spend more time in flight bookings and opportunities, but less time in choosing the right accommodation. So it can be terminated while on the wrong side of the bed stay. Read more…

Some Great Tips for Easy Air Travel

April 26, 2010

flightIt is undeniable that flying more difficult, in no snags or problems with the airport or the airlines. Enduring the line at security checkpoints in some airports is enough to put some passengers in a bad mood. But despite all the difficulties that come with flying is that it is a necessity. There are several things that can be made to fly easier and stress free, and all this is a little common sense and planning. Read more…

Some Must-Know Tips from travelers to Hong Kong

April 24, 2010

hongkongHong Kong is an international city and has come a huge number of tourists from around the world through the year. Statistics from the Government of Hong Kong, the number of international tourists visited Hong Kong in 2005 reached 10.8 million, representing a 13.1% increase compared to 2004. Countries such as Australia, Canada, France, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States of America carries all the major tourism development in Hong Kong. This article presents some critical tips for traveling tourists, so you can enjoy more and have a wonderful trip to Hong Kong.
Read more…